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Run Free, Fly High

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Experiences for Self-discovery,

Horses and Eagles - Run Free, Fly High




The Program
The program at Chappell Ranch is designed to work with participants or groups to improve life- skills through learning and educational programs with the horse. Programs are designed specifically for the needs of the participant and/or group.

The Benefits
Horses have an uncanny ability to reflect back to us who we are in a given moment, providing an opportunity for growth, learning, and change. Issues that are addressed in EAL include self- esteem, fear, focus, respect, ownership, responsibility, balance, improved relationships, clear communication skills, consistency, emotional growth, empowerment, developing your voice, commitment, work ethic, leadership, self-control, partnership, team work, and the list goes on.

Programs can be created for specific needs of the individual or group, some of which are:  “It’s Good to Be Me” (self-esteem); “Chasing Butterflies” (focus); “Who am I when I am with you?” (relationships);  “There is no “I” in Teamwork” (groups), just to name a few.

Programs are offered on the ground (not required to ride) or under saddle (riding).

Why Horses?
Not only are horses magnificent to look at with their stunning beauty, powerful presence, and freedom of spirit as they gallop across an open field seemingly flying as their thundering hooves barely touch the ground, but they too are incredible teachers and coaches.

Being in their presence, whether we are working with them on the ground or in the saddle, provides an opportunity to learn a great deal about ourselves, thus enabling us to change and grow if we choose to be so empowered.  Choice is the tool in which we create the life we live. Our thoughts are choices which in turn affect our relationships, our moods, our reactions to life’s events, and our actions. Choose your thought and you choose what follows. Our awareness of ourselves is heightened when we work with horses because of their reflective nature and in turn their responses to us.  EAL offers the participant immediate feedback, subsequently as the participant changes a behavior the horse will respond in kind.

The Facilitator
I own and operate Chappell Ranch, LLC in Gardnerville, NV.  The ranch is home to Wild Willy’s Horse Camp, a highly successful camp program for kids in the valley with some who come from all over the US to participate in the summer program. I work with adults and kids in the areas of riding, horsemanship, and personal growth and learning with the use of the horse.  I am currently completing my Masters in Education with a concentration in EAL (Equine-Assisted Learning), and have worked in the equine industry for 20 plus years. After working with hundreds of kids and seeing remarkable growth in a typical 5 day camp experience, I was inspired to learn more about the empowering field of EAL, the end result being Horses and Eagles®.

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